WhatsApp ads coming in 2020: Here’s how they will look

whatsapp ads

One of the things that attract people to WhatsApp is that they can chat with friends and family without interruption for as long as they want. WhatsApp will bring whatsapp Ads into its 2020

Unlike YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, the popular messaging tool’s subscribers don’t see any ads interfering with their conversations or news feeds, and the tool is completely free.

whatsapp status ads

However, the chat experience will change soon, with the Facebook-owned company recently announcing it will launch ads on the app, ending the ad-free chat era for more than a billion users worldwide.

The ads will pop up on the tool’s “Status” section and start rolling out next year. It will be similar to how Instagram Stories shows the paid content. At the recent Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, the move was officially confirmed by the social media giant.


“WhatsApp will bring Stories Ads into its 2020 status product,” tweeted Olivier Porterville, BeConnectAgency’s head of media, who attended the event. In October, it was first reported that the Facebook-owned app planned to introduce advertising through the messaging tool’s “Status” section.

The section called “Status” allows users to post images, videos, texts or animated GIFs that disappear after 24 hours. The feature can also be found on Facebook. A summit presentation slide showed how the ads will look when they go live.

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