Top 6 Facts About PUBG Mobile: Pochinki In Real Life

Facts About PUBG Mobile

Top 6 Facts About PUBG Mobile

The Player Unknown’s Battleground game, popularly known as PUBG, has become a phenomenon since its launch in 2017. The game has seen enormous growth on its player base after the release and has grown even further after its mobile version was launched. Despite being so popular, there is still some mystery in the game that the gamers don’t know. So, we’re going to talk about Top 6 Facts About PUBG Mobile in this article today that every PUBG Mobile gamer should know.

The creator of PUBG

Facts About PUBG Mobile
PUBG Creator Brendan Greene

Everyone knows about the game, but if we ask them about the game’s creator, the person can hardly be named by a few people. The main man behind the creation of this amazing game is Brendan Greene, an Irish born game developer.

The reason behind PUBG’s name

Facts About PUBG Mobile

This may sound strange to many of us, but there is a valid reason behind PUBG’s naming. The game creator Brendan Greene is an avid gamer who plays with the name Player Unknown, so from there, the royal battle game was named as
Player Unknown’s Battle Ground.

World record of most people simultaneously playing

Facts About PUBG Mobile
World Record Of Most People Playing At Same Time

PUBG holds the world record of most people simultaneously playing the game. According to the reports, 3,106, 358 players played the game in a single day in December 2017 which is much higher than any other available games.

“The Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” invention

Facts About PUBG Mobile
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Who doesn’t want to get this phrase on their winner chicken dinner game screen! But most of us were unknown why is this? And why not a different name? Tencent did not create the term. It has been said that people used to play a lot during the economic crisis of the 1930s and if they won then they could only afford a chicken for dinner. That’s how the game’s term came in. The good thing, though, is that we’re not playing for it, but we’re fighting hard to get it. We aren’t?

The reason for the name ‘ Erangel ‘

PUBG Mobile Erangle Map

Is the name of the most popular PUBG PC / PUBG mobile map fictitious behind the name ‘Erangel? ‘ Completely yes! But behind it, there is a reason. The name was inspired by the name of daughter Eryn of Brenden Greene. Together, Eryn and Angel form the name Erangel.

In real life, Pochinki!

PUBG Mobile Pochinki Map

All the PUBG gamers playing in Erangel map are familiar with the name. But have you ever thought that this name might be real? The truth is, it’s a real name. In Russia, there are several places called Pochinki. So, don’t forget to visit our own Pochinki if you ever plan a trip to Russia!

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