PUBG Mobile Update v0.12.5: PUBG Mobile Season 7 release date, new gun, companion and other features

PUBG Mobile season 7

PUBG Mobile Season 6 will end in a week’s time. It also started the hype for PUBG Mobile Season 7. Where there is no doubt that the leaks are pretty reliable, the PUBG Mobile gamers are intrigued by all the information we know so far.

Release of PUBG Mobile Season 7

So let’s see what we know about the PUBG Mobile Update v0.12.5 Although there is no official release date for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 7, it is expected to start from May 17 or May 18, depending on your country. PUBG Mobile’s Season 6 is coming to an end on May 15, so May 18th has a great opportunity to bring update v0.12.5. And, not to mention, with this update itself, season 7 of PUBG Mobile will arrive.

Release of new gun – Skorpion

new gun in PUBG Mobile - Skorpion

A new weapon is being added in the game, Skorpion. Skorpion is short to a mid-range weapon that is going to be very handy during the game’s early phase. The weapon uses ammo of 9 mm and can also be used with various attachments. See the picture for the gun’s detailed stats.

Addition of Companion

companion in PUBG Mobile

The companion finally arrives at the main game. It’s been a long time in the beta version of the game. The companion can be bought with either BP or UC from the shop. In the battlefield, you can take your companion with you and the best part is that enemies won’t be able to see it.

Erangel is getting revamped

Erangel is upgrading PUBG Mobile Update v0.12.5 will make changes to PUBG Mobile’s most popular map, Erangel. The developers probably took this step to make a better distribution of the loot. Also, many new buildings are being added and some changes may be seen in the hilly regions.

New death animation

new death animation in PUBG Mobile

The animation of death will also be changed in the next update. While some of you may think the new animation of death is funny, it is unrealistic to many others.

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