Instagram brings new stickers in the Stories to ask your followers multiple-choices questions

Instagram Quiz feature in stories.

INSTAGRAM just made it easier to question your friends on your stories with a new sticker. 

Upon your pictures, you can stick a poll with multiple-choice questions –and your friends can answer with a simple tap.

Two years ago, polls were first introduced, but you can now present your loyal followers with up to four options.

Instagram says you can use the new feature to ask your followers anything, from “divine my greatest fear” to “what emoji best represents me?”

In a statement, it said: “From today, you can use the new quiz sticker in Stories to ask your friends a multiple-choice question.

Instagram Quiz feature in stories.

Back in August 2016, popular photo-sharing platform Instagram introduced the Stories feature–since then Stories have become an integral part of the platform, helping it to leapfrog Snapchat.

The company introduced a story poll sticker in 2017 that gave influencers and users of Instagram a new way of interacting with their audience. Instagram has now introduced another interactive Quiz sticker.

Take a photo in Instagram Stories and swipe up to your sticker tray to use the new stickers.

Tap the sticker of the Quiz and type a question.

Then you can select two or four answers, then type the choices.

People who respond to your poll may even post their answer to their own stories.

Over the past several months, Instagram has added several features to its Stories platform as its war with bitter rival Snapchat continues.

The company owned by Facebook recently added to Stories Close Friends, “Questions in Live” and even new shopping features.

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