How to Use Pay Later on Uber


Uber has been doing a booming business in India rivaling the home-grown cab sharing startup ola. Uber has succeeded in India as a result of it has not followed its United States strategy and have catered to Indian specific wants. However, Uber still lacks some specific Indian features, the most important being the lack of a later pay option. While ola has its own later pay option, companies such as Swiggy and Zomato have later been involved in third-party payment services to bring this feature. Uber isn’t doing either of those things. But here’s how you’re going to modify pay later services on Uber that allow you to take first rides and pay for them later. If you’reinterested, here is how you’ll use pay later on Uber.

Note: This will only work on android devices at the moment.

How to Use Pay later on Uber
Set Up Pay later on Uber

1. Download the ePayLater (from here) app from the Play store and register, give all of your details to get a credit limit.

Pay Later on Uber

2. Switch to your Profile section and set up UPI. It’ll generate a UPI address for your ePayLater account.

Pay Later on Uber

3. Open Uber now and go to Payment. Here, tap on ‘Add Payment method.’

4. Further, select UPI and tap on ‘Link existing payment address’.

Pay Later on Uber

5. Enter your UPI address ePayLater here and press the Save button. Tap Continue to validate the new payment address. You will charge one rupee for your ePayLater account.

Pay Later on Uber

6. You will be notified of the charge by the “ePay Later” app, tap the notification and enter the OTP sent to your mobile phone.

7. Now return to Uber, tap on the shut button and your ePay Later UPI address are going to be added to your Uber account. Finally, book your ride and choose the ePay Later UPI address as the payment option.

8. After the end of each trip, you’ll get a notification to pay the amount through the ePay Later app. Enter the OTP and subtract the amount from your ePayLater credit as well.

9. All of your Uber dues will appear in the later app of ePay. you can pay the amount within the following fourteen days with zero charges.

Pay later feature isn’t just about being short on money, it’s additionally about convenience. everybody desires to own a hassle-free experience with payments, especially when you use a service as often as Uber. the most effective part about ePayLater is that it consolidates all your Uber transactions at one place, which might be paid in a few taps. therefore use the Pay Later service and allow us to know if this facility helped you in any manner. Have you used Pay Later on your Uber ride, and it went the way? allow us to know in the comments section below.

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