Apple iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max, iPhone XR 2019 Rumors, Specifications, Cameras

Apple iPhone XI 2019

Apple iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max, iPhone XR 2019 Rumors, Specifications, Cameras

“Here’s everything we know so far about 2019 Apple iPhones”

Even before the previous models are launched, mumblings about the next iPhone start and the same with the Apple iPhone XI 2019 and its counterparts. These 2019 Apple smartphones have seen major details about them leaked for a very long time, and we have finally reached a stage from which we can begin to form a clear picture of what to expect from them. We don’t know what to call them yet, so we’re going to refer to them as Apple iPhone XI 2019, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XR 2019. Like 2018, as you can see, three variants are on this year’s cards as well. We’ve compiled this comprehensive roundup of all we know about these upcoming devices based on every little detail that has been going around for the past year or so. Let’s just delve into it.

Three display sizes


As we mentioned earlier, it is certain that Apple will later this year unveil a trio of handsets. Now there have been a couple of talks about all getting OLED panels, but due to their low price, the XR 2019 model is still expected to stick to LCDs. So with last year’s iPhones, the situation will be the same–two premium models with OLED panels and an affordable LCD screen variant. The display sizes are also expected to remain the same, meaning that the iPhone XI will feature an OLED panel of 5.8 inches, the iPhone XI Max will feature an OLED screen of 6.5 inches, and the iPhone XR 2019 will feature a 6.1-inch LCD display. This means that these iPhones ‘ overall dimensions will also be similar, but it would not be surprising to see these phones being thicker than the models of last year due to the larger batteries they are being speculated to offer.

New triple rear camera setup

2019 Apple iPhone XI renders

The rumors were first, then the renders came and then the proof came with different case maker molds; the new iPhones will feature triple cameras on their back. Earlier reports told us that only the Max model is going to capture three rear cameras, but recent reports have mentioned that both the iPhone XI 2019 and the iPhone XI Max are going to boast this setup. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that these two devices will be equipped with a 12MP telephoto camera, a regular 12MP camera, and an ultra-wide-angle 12MP camera. This is quite in line with what is being offered by the Samsung Galaxy S10 models (review).

As for the 2019 iPhone XR, a dual back camera array is likely to continue. As tradition goes, the two cameras present on today’s iPhones could be the same.

Design changes


Once again, the glass will be the material of choice for these three devices ‘ rear surfaces. There is a reason to believe, however, that Apple will use frosted glass on a portion of the back panel, as do Google’s Pixel devices. We’re not sure what portion this effect will have, but the area around the cameras is going to be a good guess. Renders suggest that the triple-camera module should be arranged triangularly rather than vertical or horizontal alignment suggested by earlier leaks. We also have reason to believe that for its new iPhones, Apple will revamp the mute switch. Instead of the pill-shaped design, this time the company will go for circular nub, similar to the iPads.

A new and advanced processor

Apple’s A12 Bionic is already one of the most advanced mobile SoCs out there, so it’s going to be a big task to overcome. But traditionally, the new iPhones will get what we can expect the A13 Bionic chipset to be christened. This, of course, should translate into improvements in performance and efficiency. Reports suggested building the SoC using the 7nm+ package from TSMC with extreme ultraviolet lithography. Nevertheless, don’t expect 5 G support to be on board, as Apple expects to offer the same by 2020 or even by 2021.

An improved front camera


It is rumored that on its iPhones, Apple will update the TruDepth camera system. First, in their resolution, the selfie cameras will receive a bump from 7MP to 12MP. Secondly, there is also expected to be a new flood illuminator on these devices to improve Face ID by reducing the environmental impact of the invisible light. Although many previous leaks had talked to the phones about a tinier notch, it is very unlikely that the 2019 models will be the case.

Larger batteries

Larger batteries are expected to form part of this year’s setup of the iPhone lineup. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that 6.5-inch iPhone XI Max could get a 10-15% bump in their battery pack, while the 5.8-inch iPhone XI could get a 20-25% bump. As for the iPhone XR 2019, its battery capacity could only be increased by 5 percent. Since we are on the subject of batteries, we could also tell you that Apple is apparently planning this time around to include an 18W charger in the boxes. The absence of this had angered many customers who purchased devices from the last year. In addition, the batteries on the new iPhones could very well be shipped with support for reverse wireless charging, all the trio S10 and P30 Pro (review).

These are all the important details about the new iPhone XI lineup that you need to go through right now to form a firm device picture. As we see more leaks and reports, we will be updating this page, so bookmark it to keep you updated with the latest developments.

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